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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mineraluxe Spa Products

"Our approach to water care boils to this: Finding ways to make your hot tub water look, feel, and smell better by removing stuff from the water, instead of adding more and more scary things." - Backyard Brands

Mineraluxe is a new weekly maintenance system for hot tubs, it is a three step program that includes:

Cubes - Heart of the system. This product will help to cleanse and repel all surfaces, reduces sanitizer requirements, and maximizes your comfort and enjoyment.

Bromine Tablets - Two tablets will help to keep your water sanitized.

Oxygen - One pouch is to get rid of bathers waste and it clarifies and polishes the water.

You will ultimately eliminate your stain & scales products, water clairfiers, and water comfort enhancers. For more information please come into our store and ask staff for details.


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