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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crystal Clear, Sparkling Water - Guaranteed

Use the Pristiva Salt system and Surfside Pools, along with Dazzle Products, will Guarantee  clear, sparkling pool water. You must follow the complete Pristiva Salt System to qualify. Once you do, we guarantee safe, clean and sparkling water all season long.

The Pristiva System delivers breakthrough technology in both Primer and Activator for imcomparable salt water pool comfort and protection.

Step 1: Pristiva Primer with X2O
            - Primes the pool with an initial dose of X2O for immediate protection as the first step in the start-up
               OR conversion process to a Pristiva Perfect Pool.

Step 2: Pristiva Activator withX2O
            - Completes the second step and final stage of the start-up or conversion process to a Pristiva            
               Perfect Pool

This now establishes salinity levels and delivers the full balance of X2O enhancers needed to activate the total benefits of the Pristiva System to provide crystal clear, soft, soothing water unmatched by traditional salt water pools and traditional chlorine pools.

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