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Saturday, 18 February 2012

We at Surfside Pool Services have been working hard on serving you better, in this 2012 season we will be offering new products, services, and even LOWER pricing.

Come in, Call, or Email us before March 15, 2012 to book your opening and/or closing & receive an in-store credit. We can also tell you about getting chemicals delivered for free when you open. Don't miss out on these amazing deals!!       (restrictions do apply)

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dazzle Water Care

Dazzle Water Care is more than just chemicals; it is more eco-friendly, & greener, it is now also about product innovation, improved performance, easier, healthier, and has more natural solutions.

"When people think of water care products, they usually think of chemical soup! But, think of us as the anti-soup company." - Dazzle

Here is what some customers have to say about Dazzle

"When I got my salt pool, I thought it would be pretty simple to manage. With your help and the special salt pool products you recommended, I'm finally seeing the benefits I thought I would get with my salt pool."

" I just wanted to write to let you know the algae destruction kit you sold me worked beautifully. I heard your company would be able to help diagnose and solve my algae problem and that's exactly what you did. Thank you"

 "Thank you for introducing me to Dazzle. The clarity and feel of my water has never been better. They've definitely Dazzled me!"

Please come in and ask our staff for details, its time to get your water dazzling!