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Friday, 27 May 2011

Do You Know What Is In Your Pool??

Regular salt that is put into pools for that salt water feel is usually made / produced off shore. Sea or ocean water is pumped into settling ponds where the sun evaporates the water and leaves the salt behind. During this process, bits of sea life are left behind, birds poop into it and other miscellaneous stuff gets into the salt. Large machines  scoop it up for processing and then it is bagged.

This salt is approximately 98% to 98.4% pure, the rest is stuff you don't really want in your pool but get as a freebie. That means that, for the average pool, approximately 3 to 4 kilos of extra stuff ends up in your pool. This makes water clarity difficult. Each time you add salt, which is at the beginning of the season and sometime during, you are adding more unwanted stuff.

With Pristiva Salt, none of the above happens as Pristiva Salt is produced in Nova Scotia and is 99.999% pure salt. Please see our previous blog

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