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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pool and Spa Staining

Pools and Spas are always at risk of staining, but with these simple tips you can prevent most staining.

Staining can be caused by:
  • Organic Debris (leaves, sticks, flowers etc)
  • Inorganic Debris (source water, metal parts, heater elements)
  • Water Balance
  • Copper-based Products
Treating Organic Stains

The best advice is to shock the water with Dazzle Ultra Cleanse and brush the pool walls often. Always make sure to maintain the proper amount of chlorine and water balance in your pool to ensure its cleanliness.

Treating Inorganic Stains

By using Dazzle Metal Cleanse it will help to put metals into suspension and slowly filter them out.

Water Balance

Water Balance is the most important step to your pool maintenance, because if the balance in your water is off it can contribute to staining. After testing and applying proper chemicals the water reaches a point of equilibrium, which means the water is "full" and will no longer dissolve any minerals.

Copper-based Products

By using a copper-based products you put yourself at risk of rusting and staining. The copper transfers into the water causing the pool equipment to corrode and will need to be replaced for proper function.

If you notice any of these staining marks and cannot seem to find the remedy yourself, contact us at Surfside!

  • Copper - Blue, Green, or Dark (Black)
  • Iron - Rusty, Brown, or Green/Brownish
  • Manganese - Brownish/Black or Purple

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